Garrett Bryan

with Grant Carr, Ben Abney and the Hurts
Wed, Jan 23 @ 7:00 pm
All Ages
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When you come from Concordia Parish in Louisiana, becoming a musician might seem like an obvious choice. It also wouldn’t surprise anyone to see a four year old pick up a guitar, let alone know without a doubt from a very young age that music was going to be your life. Well, that is exactly what happened for Garrett Bryan, born and raised just twenty miles from Jerry Lee Lewis’ hometown and what some call the home of the Delta Blues, Bryan’s love of music runs straight from his core. His powerful vocals and soul-stirring lyrics, however have more to do with the person he was raised to be rather than where he was raised. He shows an understanding of love, pain, loss and passion well beyond his twenty two years. Bryan has an old soul and he is pouring it into his first solo album “Break The Levee”, releasing June 29, 2018. “All of the songs come from observation and with this album, I got to make the decision rather than just a fourth of a decision. I think it allowed for the songs to be more personal and the arrangement to be more intimate.” says Bryan about the forthcoming release.
Garrett Bryan
Grant Carr
Ben Abney and the Hurts